I have to share my accomplishment with you since it wouldn’t have happened without you and yoga!
In the past 4 years, I have had both of my hips replaced. Leading up to the surgeries I was in pain and babied my hips which led to losing my ability to get up off the floor unaided.
After several weeks with you as my yoga instructor, I am able to get up off the floor! All by myself! I am a very active 67 year old and was very embarrassed at not being able to get up. I am very excited about this new independence and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Pat Kent

“I LOVE Susan’s Yoga classes. Even when I do not feel like “doing yoga”, knowing that I am going to her class motivates me… Her classes are light hearted and fun and at the same time informative and effective. I don’t always know what I need when I go into the class… Or what Susan will do ( as it varies from class to class)… but I always come out feeling like I got exactly what I needed. (How does she know?!?)
I also experienced her wonderful touch and amazing knowledge in Thai massage.
It was a very different experience than any other massages I previously had. 
There was a lot of pushing and pulling and stretching… And I had to do nothing! 
I came out of it feeling relaxed and energized at the same time. Awesome!” Avi Haddad
 “I am in deep gratitude to all my yoga instructors, but Susan’s class is the one I pretty much levitate out from. My energy completely and ever so gently shifts till I dwell in my body, I breathe, much more fully.  While each class is different, the common thread seems to be building flexibility with strength. The class is gentle, but not easy. My body thrives with the restorative poses.
Susan is quite patient as she leads us through the postures & makes lots of good jokes all the way through. With this class, Susan in her way is definitely helping make this world a better place, one body at a time and with one roomful of people at a time.
Thank you so much, Susan, for the gift of your yoga.”     -Anne Christopher
“Susan is fabulous. Her classes are the kind of place where people who don’t feel good about their bodies DO feel good about their bodies.  You learn, you laugh and you share the love. It’s yoga, only better.”  –  Jon Mann
“I’ve been practicing Yoga for 4 years and had a variety of instructors.  Susan is extremely intuitive and adapts to the needs of one or many with a variety of asanas that some how seem perfect each and every practice!” —- Steve A
“Susan has a remarkable gift to guide her students with genuine love, care, and a wonderful sense of humor, which makes my time with her the best thing I do for myself. Her Saturday morning class is my favorite time of the week and when it ends, I more-than-contentedly look forward to the next one.”  — Iris 
Susan’s yoga classes have helped my body feel good through pregnancy and beyond. She’s amazing at bringing the spiritual roots of yoga to class in a way that’s accessible and open to people of all (or no) faiths. She is wise, hilarious, and an expert at modifying poses for different bodies and needs. It’s common to see 20-somethings and 70-somethings in Susan’s class because we all know — no matter our age or experience with yoga — that we’re in the best of hands with Susan.   – Dana G
“Susan’s enthusiasm for life is as contagious as her enthusiasm about Yoga.  Her classes are so much fun, you don’t even realize how hard you are working.  It is only one of her many gifts.  I have had the pleasure of attending two retreats with Susan at Elohee.  I advise you not to miss it if you are given the opportunity.”
“I have had several work related injuries, I am always happier and more productive when I am well enough to get back to my yoga practice.  Susan is diligent in keeping my practice alive and thriving.  My desire is to grow  old with Susan by my side, correcting my alignment and teaching me new ways to take care of myself through movement.  If I am so fortunate, I know I will enjoy good health, well being and flexibility well into my senior years.  I am certain the combination of practicing with Susan and being lucky enough to call her friend will help me maintain a sense of balance as well as a sense of humor.”   —Donna Corbitt
“My Achilles heel has always been flexibility and yoga.  I am a very active person, doing competitive sports from 5 years old through now, at age 48.  When it comes to yoga, however, I am always THE WORST one in the room which can make me very self-conscious.  I quit as many yoga classes and teachers as I have tried with one exception – Susan Mittleman and her “gentle” class she teaches at the Y.   Susan has an ease about her and knowledge base that makes me completely comfortable and I actually look forward to her class.  I appreciate her casual but attentive style and her quirky personality and tips.    I am still the worst one in the class, but my body is healthier and happier!! ”  —-Kristi Mueller
“Using a variety of Yoga practices and behaviors, Susan is an instructor like no other! She constantly thrives through her discipline and knowledge of Yoga to insure that every student in her class has an awesome experience. I have attended many different and enjoyable Yoga classes taught by other instructors throughout Metro Atlanta and can attest than none have been as rewarding to my mind, body, and soul as the ones taught by Susan. Simply put, Susan is the best! Namaste.” —Mitch Mouchabeck
“Susan is the best!  I am one of  her Y students where those of us in her classes always talk about how great she is.  She has a very deep understanding of yoga practice and the body and is able to translate her knowledge into working with us.  Her precise instruction on getting into and out of postures is excellent!  This is great for beginners as well as for those of us trying to improve our form. Her teaching technique helps to ensure that we don’t hurt ourselves.  I love Susan! And I am happy to be one of her many dedicated followers!”  —–Barbara
“I always tell people that yoga gives you exactly what you need in each moment, whatever that is for each person in any given time. And yoga with Susan gives you what you need beautifully wrapped in a funny and relaxed way like only Susan can. Her classes are a combination in perfect proportions of gentle and challenge. I am so grateful for having found her.” — Marta Diez Valcarce
“At first, I took group sessions taught by Susan.   Through these classes, I became aware that I had parts of my body in which I had never truly lived within.  That initial somatic experience I had under her guidance led me to have private yoga sessions with her during which I was able to process physical trauma.   My private sessions with Susan were an excellent pairing with my talk therapy and lasted for a few months.  And now, what was a physical and emotional healing, is a regular practice in a balanced life.  I am grateful to Susan for her knowledge, her wisdom, her patience and her deep kindness which all helped me through to the other side of healing.”  —Anonymous
“I started yoga years ago to see if it would help relieve occasional lower back pain.  I continued because I enjoyed it.  I feel so good after Susan’s class that I keep going back.  I also had a couple of private sessions from her after knee replacement surgery, and they were great.  She is a good instructor who makes sure everyone understands the postures and variations.”  —-Jenni B
“Susan, first I want to thank you for your healing classes.  After my last spill everything seemed to be going in opposite directions – pain down leg, in knee, lower back, etc, whine, whine, but amazingly, after your classes everything just kind of fell into place and the pains are gone.  Thank you.  And second, you remind me of Sarah Silverman because of facial expressions, delivery and best of all you are both INTELLECTUALLY OUTRAGEOUS!”  —- Gail K.
“I had such a wonderful time this weekend  thank you so much for arranging the retreat and encouraging me to go. The yoga was all wonderful, the food delicious and nourishing and the gathering of women really perfect. ” Best, Gail Reid
“While my overall yoga experience has been short – less than two years – and I have only taken a handful of other classes, I always gravitate back to Susan’s class.  Not only is she challenging and fun, she is always welcoming, kind and compassionate.  Since discovering yoga and all of the life enriching qualities it brings me, I am grateful to know Susan and share these with her.  It’s a pleasure to have her as my teacher as I continue to grow in my practice, and I am grateful she’s a part of my journey.”  —Dan
I’ve been practicing yoga off and on for over 20 years.  Susan gets it right – warm, welcoming, gives you lots of options to challenge you on good  days or to take care of yourself when you’re not feeling it.  I like the way Susan ties the practice of yoga to physiology so we know how a posture or breath is working in our bodies. I never leave a class with Susan without smiling, laughing and learning something new.  Most important to me, my flexibility and strength continue to improve.  For someone who hates exercising indoors, I look forward to going to yoga every week.  While my work is behind a desk at a computer all day, my carpenter husband is a total yoga fan now after coming to Susan’s class with me for the first time last year.  It’s a reflection of how yoga practice with Susan appeals to students of varying of experience, fitness level and age.Thanks, Susan, for inspiring me to look forward to working on my mind and body with yoga! — Ann
I always look forward to my weekly yoga sessions with Susan. She’s a very knowledgeable and fun teacher who cares about my whole person. I appreciate the personal attention and feedback during the practice. Newcomers are always made to feel welcome and safe in each class. – Joseph